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The UCF Alumni Association is a community. It's a group of people that have a UCF experience, who care about the university and who want to stay connected to it. People like you. We're here to make sure you get the most from your UCF experience — using tools like events, activities and communications — for as long as you'd like to keep in touch.

UCF's Alumni Association is in the business of developing relationships with alumni, students, parents and friends by providing meaningful services, tangible benefits and engaging programs that inform, educate and inspire.


Mission Statement

The UCF Alumni Association's mission is to enhance the lives of UCF alumni, parents, students and friends by fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.


Core Values

  • Tradition I We aim to uphold and create the traditions of UCF.

  • Excellence I We strive to offer the best service, programs and benefits to our alumni.

  • Innovation I We are entrepreneurial; we actively identify and create new opportunities.

  • Independence I Led by self-governed volunteers, we are the voice of UCF alumni.

  • Community I We create and foster relationships among and between alumni, parents, friends and students of UCF.

  • Partnership I We establish connections with corporate partners to create mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Communication I We keep alumni, parents and friends informed through the website, email and newsletters.

  • Diversity I We strive to be an inclusive organization that involves its diverse population.

  • Education I We provide continuing education and scholarship opportunities for both students and alumni.

  • Volunteerism I We provide opportunities for our alumni, parents and friends to help in the advancement of UCF as well as helping charitable organizations.

Vision Statement

The UCF Alumni Association assists, advises and supports the university in achieving its mission. In support of this commitment, the alumni association develops and enhances the lives of UCF alumni, parents, students and friends through a mutually beneficial relationship with the university.

The addition of the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center on campus provides us with the opportunity to (1) foster alumni pride, (2) bring alumni back to campus allowing them to reconnect with UCF, and (3) involve alumni in the advancement of the university. The alumni center is a tangible symbol to the university community that alumni play a vital role in the continued growth of UCF.


Florida Technological University, as the school originally was named, opened its doors in 1968 with a total enrollment of 1,948. Graduates of the young university gathered in 1971 as an ad-hoc committee and founded the FTU Alumni Association. The all-volunteer group was formally organized in 1975 and Gerald McGratty, '71, became the association's first president.

As the university grew, so did its alumni association. The first paid staff person was hired in 1978. That same year, the university changed its name to the University of Central Florida and its alumni group became the UCF Alumni Association. The association began recognizing alumni for their accomplishments and honored Dick Batchelor, '71, with the first Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1979. As the years progressed, professional achievement awards for graduates from each of UCF's colleges and awards for community service and service to the university were presented annually, recognizing alumni who "Reach for the Stars," the university's motto.

Scholarships were an early focus of the association, as they continue to be today. In 1977, the FTU Alumni Association awarded its first scholarship to Sue Mitchell, '80. In 1987 the Alumni Trust, a $1 million endowment for merit scholarships, was established. By the end of the 20th century, the association was giving more than $40,000 in scholarships each year to academically strong students who showed leadership qualities and were actively involved in the UCF community.

In 1989, the UCF Alumni Association's four-person staff instituted a dues program. Membership brought benefits alumni could use, such as discounts on UCF logo merchandise, and the modest annual dues paid for increased programming and events, as well as various newsletters, to keep alumni connected to their alma mater. A year later, the first alumni chapters were established in Brevard and Volusia counties. Today there are dozens of regional, college-affiliated and constituent chapters and clubs.

Through these chapters and as a whole, the UCF Alumni Association hosts more than 200 events each year, ranging from community service events to athletic pregame parties to career networking mixers and more. The largest annual event is the week of Homecoming, started in the early 1970s. Over the years, the celebration has grown. to include an awards gala, a golf tournament, various reunions and Homecoming football game festivities.

Reaching out to the entire university community, in 1993 the association started the Student Alumni Association, a student-alumni networking club that quickly became one of the largest student organizations on campus. Now more than 2,000 students belonged to the club,  known as 4EVER KNIGHTS.

In July 1994, the association moved its communications up a notch by starting Pegasus , a full-color, bimonthly magazine that was completely funded by advertising dollars. Pegasus is now a quarterly magazine with an online version as well.

Two years later, www.ucfalumni.com was launched, giving members and all alumni 24-hour access to information via an interactive website. As technology improved, targeted e-mail newsletters, social media sites and iPhone and Android smartphone apps were added.

In 2005, the UCF Alumni Association moved into the FAIRWINDS Alumni Center, a beautiful home for all UCF alumni, located on the north side of campus. Generous alumni and friends funded this building's construction through private donations. 

By 2010, UCF was the second largest university in the country, and the association wanted and needed to reach out to all graduates. The annual dues program ended, and all alumni are now part of the association. Life memberships continue, with special benefits and recognition given to these champions of UCF.


Grad Year


Mr. Gerald R. McGratty, Jr.


Alumni Association President 1975-1977

Mr. John D. Spencer


Alumni Association President 1977

Ms. JoAnne N. Puglisi


Alumni Association President 1977-1978

Mr. Ron Page


Alumni Association President 1978-1979

Mr. Michael K. Saunders


Alumni Association President 1979-1981

Mr. William D. Beekman


Alumni Association President 1981-1983

Mr. Colin M. Wright


Alumni Association President 1983-1984

Mr. Ralph J. Kennedy


Alumni Association President 1984-1985

Mr. R. Todd Bowers


Alumni Association President 1985-1986

Mr. Jack R. Stacey, Jr.


Alumni Association President 1986-1987

Mr. J. Kenneth Bryant, Jr.


Alumni Association President 1987-1988

Mrs. Laura L. Pooser


Alumni Association President 1988-1989

Mr. Barton Weeks


Alumni Association President 1989-1990

Mrs. Deborah J. Komanski


Alumni Association President 1990-1991

Tico Perez, Esq.


Alumni Association President 1991-1992

Mr. Fred R. Kittinger, Jr.


Alumni Association President 1992-1993

Mr. Marc C. Stanakis


Alumni Association President 1993-1994

Ms. Kim A. Minana


Alumni Association President 1994-1995

Mr. Scott D. Bell


Alumni Association President 1995-1996

Mr. Les Eiserman


Alumni Association President 1996-1997

Mrs. Jackie Sullivan


Alumni Association President 1997-1998

Mr. Karl W. Hodges


Alumni Association President 1998-1999

Michael Manglardi, Esq.


Alumni Association President 1999-2000

Mr. Alan B. Fidelo


Alumni Association President 2000-2001

Dawn M. Olivardia, CPA


Alumni Association President 2001-2002

Mr. Karl S. Palvisak


Alumni Association President 2002-2003

Mr. John R. Gill


Alumni Association President 2003-2004

Mrs. Michele Cooper


Alumni Association President 2004-2005

Mr. Mark E. Jackson


Alumni Association Chairman 2005-2006

Mr. Scott Wells


Alumni Association Chairman 2006-2007

Mrs. Kim Strong


Alumni Association Chairman 2007-2008

Mr. Bob Berk


Alumni Association Chairman 2008-2009

Keith White


Alumni Association Chairman 2009-2010

Todd Woodard


Alumni Association Chairman 2010-2011

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