Knights Terrace



Leave your legacy and celebrate your lifelong connection to your alma mater. Each brick is laid into our beautiful Knights Terrace, located behind the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center, adjacent to Memory Mall.

4x8 brick



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including spaces, 
3 lines maximum
$250 (tax deductible)

8x8 brick


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6 lines maximum, 
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$500 (tax deductible)

12x12 brick


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4 lines maximum, 
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includes a
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It's personal.

Personalize a brick to commemorate your UCF graduation, fraternity, sorority or other campus organization. Declare your devotion to a Knight team, chapter or club. Honor a treasured individual or family member.

It's your memories.

Celebrate your marriage to a fellow alumnus or alumna. No matter what memory you choose to pay tribute to, your brick is the perfect way to display your UCF pride and forever leave your mark at your alma mater. 

It's forever.

Knights Terrace is the place where your lifelong pride, passion and support for UCF is on display every day, and at countless events hosted on these special grounds. Your legacy will be forever chiseled into our history.

Note: The UCF Alumni Association reserves the right to refuse any inscription deemed inappropriate.

Instructions for Ordering

  • Step 1: You'll enter billing information to pay for your selection.
  • Step 2: The billing confirmation screen will provide the form to enter the text you want on your brick, and selected logo (8x8, 12x12 bricks only).
  • Step 3: Check your email box for your receipt/order confirmation.



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Leave an enduring mark as a new grad, or purchase one for your new UCF graduate. (The new grad special offer is available for up to one year after graduation.)


Testimonials from proud supporters of the Knights Terrace:

"As a proud Knight, I purchased a brick so I could forever share my UCF legacy with my son."
—Keith Flannery, '86

"I can't think of a better way to leave my legacy. Now, I'll always have a happy reminder of my awesome UCF experience!"
—Michele Cooper, '83

"Having a brick on the Knights Terrace allows me to leave a mark on UCF, the way UCF left a mark on my life."
—Sarah Dillon, '06












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