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The UCF College of Health and Public Affairs is committed to helping alumni feel connected to the exciting changes taking place in our college, on our campus and throughout the Central Florida community. We also are committed to helping our alumni and friends play an active role in the growth of the programs within our college. With your support, UCF is achieving its goal of becoming the nation's leading metropolitan university.

With more than 33,000 graduates in the College of Health and Public Affairs alumni network, it's no wonder our alumni are doing remarkable work in the fields of health and public affairs from close to home at the University of Central Florida to the other side of the world. No matter how far you go, you're always part of the College of Health and Public Affairs Alumni Chapter, and we encourage you to get involved and stay connected. As a UCF graduate, you're automatically a part of the chapter and have access to all of its offerings.



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Get Involved

All Knights are welcome to join us for social, career and community events throughout the year.

Getting involved is easy! Here's how:

Sarah Drehoff, ’09
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
College of Health and Public Affairs

Volunteer Board

We are in the process of building the inaugural board for the College of Health and Public Affairs Alumni Chapter. Positions are available for the executive committee and as representatives for each of the eight areas of the college. If you're interested in being considered, please contact Sarah Drehoff.

Signature Events

Health Care Symposium
The annual Health Care Symposium is an evening that includes a complimentary networking reception followed by a program that features a moderator and panel comprised of regional health care leaders. Each year, the event draws hundreds of students, faculty, alumni and local health care professionals.

Last Lecture Series
The COHPA Last Lecture Series invites an accomplished professor to answer one question: What message would you share if this were your last opportunity? This annual event features one COHPA faculty member most revered by alumni and is open to the entire UCF community.

Outstanding Alumni Awards Celebration
The college annually recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding alumni from each of the college's academic departments at the Outstanding Alumni Awards Celebration. Guests enjoy hors d'oeuvres, cocktails and the awards presentation, followed by a play presented by the cast and crew of the Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Social Work Continuing Education Workshop
The Social Work Continuing Education Workshop is a half-day event that features a morning session hosted by a renowned speaker. This annual workshop offers three contact hours of continuing education and is open to the entire UCF community and members of the public. Event proceeds benefit scholarships that support students in the UCF School of Social Work.

Give Now

The success of the College of Health and Public Affairs is owed in large part to the generous contributions of the alumni, friends, corporations and foundations that have supported our efforts. Every gift has an impact that extends beyond the campus into our communities. We thank those who have invested in the college and inspired our students and faculty to pursue their academic and professional dreams.

View a complete list of funds that support the college’s students and programs.

Please contact Elisabeth Gadd, the college’s director of development, for more information.

Alumni Awards

The College of Health and Public Affairs and the UCF Alumni Association annually recognize the accomplishments of outstanding alumni through various awards programs. Events to honor the award recipients are held each fall. 

Professional Achievement Award

  • Julius Fridriksson, '95 (2013)
  • Meredith Newman, '94 (2012)
  • Lawrence Walters, '85 (2011)
  • Sherrie Sitarik, '93 (2010)
  • Mark A. Nation, '87 (2009)
  • Judith G. Thames, '73 (2008)
  • Bob Cowles, '76 (2007)
  • Marcy Shapiro, '91 (2006)
  • Vincent Torpy Jr., '81 (2006)
  • Kenneth Dion, '91 (2005)
  • Sidney Roman, '91 (2005)
  • Jose Fernandez, '94 (2004)
  • Christopher Kennedy, '79 (2004)
  • Kerry Mullen, '97 (2003)
  • Karen Broussard, '97 (2003)
  • Brett Eric Stanaland, '83 (2002)
  • Kevin Beary, '02 (2002)
  • Andrea Hunt, '86 (2001)
  • John Sowinski, '86 (2001)
  • Ann Quirk, '89 (2000)
  • Pedro Leon, '95 (2000)
  • Scott Worrell, '85 (1999)
  • Fred Kittinger, '80 (1999)
  • Denisha Torres, '87 (1998)
  • Sharon Donoghue, '86 (1998)
  • Jeffrey Elsberry, '75 (1997)
  • Dean Sprague, '86 (1997)
  • Patricia Lafferty, '86 (1996)
  • Ray McCleese, '75 (1996)
  • Kevin Hall, '83 (1995)
  • Mary Ann Salazar, '77 (1995)
  • Willa Fuller, '90 (1994)
  • Rickey Ricks, '78 (1994)
  • David Shelledy, '74 (1993)
  • Philip Penland, '72 (1992)
  • Judy Smith, '79 (1991)
  • Claude Miller, '75 (1990)
  • Wendy Sullivan, '81 (1989)
  • Charles Gutierrez, '82 (1988)
  • Scott Higgins, '71 (1987)

Outstanding Alumni Awards

The college's annual Outstanding Alumni Awards program was established in 2010 to recognize the accomplishments of an alumna or alumnus in each discipline of the college. The recipients are formally recognized at a celebratory event in the fall.


  • Julius Fridriksson, '95 (communication sciences and disorders)
  • Charles Brown, '89 (criminal justice)
  • Rashard Johnson, '04 (health management and informatics)
  • John Burnside, '02 (health professions)
  • Vincent Torpy, '81 (legal studies)
  • Maria-Elena Augustin, '06 (public administration)
  • Jeffrey Goltz, '06 (public affairs)
  • Charlotte Willis, '95 (social work)


  • Stephanie Bednar, '90 (communication sciences and disorders)
  • Joanna Vitek, '98 (criminal justice)
  • Kenneth Aldridge Jr., '98 (health management and informatics)
  • Steve Ryland, '96 (health professions)
  • Vee Leonard, '94 (legal studies)
  • Meredith Newman, '90 (public administration)
  • Karen van Caulil, '05 (public affairs)
  • Paula Lupton, '02 (social work)


  • Rachel Williams, '96 (communication sciences and disorders)
  • Connie Patrick, '74 (criminal justice)
  • Kevin Lenhart, '99 (health management and informatics)
  • Teresa Dianne Shepherd, '92 (health professions)
  • Lawrence Walters, '85 (legal studies)
  • James Hartmann, '85 (public administration)
  • Owen Beitsch, '05 (public affairs)
  • Charles Miceli, '92 (social work)


  • Todd Fix, '97 (communication sciences and disorders)
  • Kenneth Cox, '81 (criminal justice)
  • Sherrie Sitarik, '93 (health management and informatics)
  • Cori Thompson, '05 (health professions)
  • Larry Deal, '77 (legal studies)
  • Howard Tipton, '90 (public administration)
  • Joan Nelson, '06 (social work)




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